• Design of power supply systems

    One of the most important factors in the creation or renovation of various facilities is a reliable, high-quality, satisfying all the requirements of the power supply system. The basis for the implementation of this system is the design process. Made in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations of the project on the power system is a guarantee of reliable and uninterrupted operation of the object in the future.

    MITRA performs design of the systems of objects of any purpose and any complexity.

    Possession of the regulatory framework base, a high level of qualification of experts, knowledge of modern technologies and materials, integrated approach to the design problem, including conjugated power supply system with other engineering systems provide the most effective results.

    The process of designing power supply systems is divided into several stages:

    1. – drawing or clarifying of the technical project. This is a very important and crucial stage on which depends the quality and speed of project works. At this stage, the customer who does not have the experience in the preparation of the technical project is provided with the necessary advice to help solving this issue. If the technical project drawn up by the customer, our specialists specify all the necessary points for the start of the design;
    2. – project work. At this stage, in accordance with the consumers estimated loads and customer’s wishes the selection of the most efficient, reliable, safe and economically viable solutions is performed, which have to comply with all rules and regulations;
    3. – preparation of project documentation. The result of this step is prepared documentation that meets all industry and government standards and regulations and is ready for negotiations with the relevant state regulatory bodies;
    4. – agreement of the project documentation with the state regulatory authorities. As a result, the customer receives a document, which will be implemented in accordance with the object of power supply project;
  • Power supply and lighting systems

    Installation of electricity supply systems and lighting systems

    A list of works carried out during installation of power supply systems:

    • Installing systems for laying cables which include systems based on metal cable trays, ladders, mesh trays, PVC boxes;
    • Laying and installation of distribution power lines;
    • Installation of inductive group switchboards, automatic transfer switch ATS systems, lighting systems boards;
    • Installation of wiring and lighting equipment;
    • Installation of external and internal ground loops;

    MITRA has sufficient experience in the installation of power supply systems of varying complexity.

    Uninterruptible power supply systems

    Systems of uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply provide a high level of reliability of technological equipment, engineering systems and networks, security and protection systems, which guarantees the continuity of the working processes of the enterprise.

    Uninterruptible power supply systems provide customers work in emergency mode, ranging from working places and lighting of public areas and to the datacenters, through the uninterruptible power supply battery (UPS).

    Systems of guaranteed power supply – is an independent source of energy that can be implemented on the basis of diesel generator sets. Typically, systems are being implemented for data centers, server, telecom and manufacturing equipment.

    Electromagnetic measurement and testing power supply systems.

    In accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities, electro and testing power supply systems are an essential step on the stage of putting into operation. Network Test reports are a part of the executive documentation provided by our company.

  • Electrical equipment production

    The smooth operation of the facility as a whole depends on the reliable operation of this part of the electrical system. The main features of this equipment are:

    • -protection cable lines from overloads and short circuits;
    • -accounting amount of electricity consumed;
    • -distribution voltage to consumers;
    • -protection equipment from over-current and short-circuit currents;
    • -connection of consumers to various independent power sources;

    The production department of the company MITRA produces 0.4 kV switch equipment.

    Our specialists develop the necessary design and technical documentation on the basis of which the equipment is manufactured.

    Switchboard equipment company MITRA corresponds to government and industry standards and satisfies the most stringent requirements from an operational point of view. We produce electrical equipment for enterprises of different scale and profile of activity, both in standard circuit design, and on the basis of individual projects (based on the technical specifications of the design organizations).

    The product range includes:

    • -SCHO90 switchboards;
    • -cable-distributive devices OIA, ASU;
    • -distributive and power distributive items PR11, PR11D, PSD-99, PSD-75;
    • -accounting boxes YAUR, YAURP;
    • -power boxes with the breaker switch YAR, YARP, YAPR, YAPRP;
    • -motors boxes of control type I 5000;
    • -lighting control item VWO;
    • -automatic switch to standby power ATS devices;
    • -cabinets and lighting control boxes type Shuo and YAUO.

    This is not a complete list of products that our company can offer more detailed information with regards to this product can be obtained by contacting our specialists.

  • Structured cabling systems

    Structured Cabling System (SCS) is the physical basis for the building of infrastructure that allows to reduce to a single system of a plurality of network information services for different purposes: local computer and telephone networks, security systems, video surveillance, etc.

    SCS is a hierarchical system of cable mounted in a building or group of buildings, which consists of structural subsystems. Its equipment consists of a set of optical and copper cables, cross-connects, cords, cable connectors, modular jacks, data outlets, as well as auxiliary equipment. All SCS elements are integrated into a single complex (system) and operated according to certain rules.

    Design of SCS:

    The process begins with the introduction of SCS design, which is divided into several stages:

    • – preparation of technical specifications;
    • – design works, which include the selection of optimal solutions based on existing standards, in-depth study of the needs and requirements and possibilities of the customer;
    • – preparation of project documentation that conforms to industry and government regulations by which the customer comes complete picture of the project and on the operation of the system;

    Installation of SCS

    Within the framework of the implementation of the facility SCS cable laying and installation SKS, along with the design it is an important step and requires special attention and responsibility.

    Competent and quality installation, a complex and painstaking process, available only to professional integrator who must cowork with certified engineers and installers, experience in similar projects, technical and material bas.

    • – preparation and installation of cable routes, laying of cables;
    • – installation of distribution cabinets and racks;
    • – installation of server equipment;
    • – installation work area outlets.

    Testing and certification of SCS.

    The final stage of implementation of SCS is to test the system for compliance with the applicable standards in the SCS, as well as the network protocol requirements.

    As a result of testing of SCS customer receives a test report and a fully functional system.

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